The only limit is the imagination!


The NYC Animation/Anime Short Fest (NYCAASFF)

March 25, 2018, in Midtown, New York City, NY, USA

**** This is a short film festival, only for films 20 minutes or less in length!!****

Animation is a fantastic, creative medium capable of bringing a storyteller’s inner visual world to life and sharing it with audiences everywhere. As the capabilities of computer-generated imagery continue to increase, there are fewer and fewer limitations as to what can be created on the screen.

Anime means “animation” in Japanese. However, in English the word Anime is often used to describe the very distinct style of Japanese animation. In some ways, Anime can be used to explore the everyday lives and fears of young people more effectively than Western Animation.

Join us for the 2nd Annual Animation/Anime Short Fest and become part of a new tradition!

Please be sure to review ALL submission guidelines before complete your entry. We have limited time and resources to correct application mistakes. Please try and be as accurate as possible. We will contact you by e-mail if there are any problems, so please be sure to watch for e-mails from

For further information please contact us at